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About Us

Our Board

Brian Goubeaux – Treasurer

Brian on bicycling: I just simply feel better physically when I regularly ride. And similar to walking around town, I feel like I get a better sense of connection to the places I ride through.  

Year-round Bike Commuter and Cincinnati City Engineer

Daniel Iroh – Board Member at Large

Fun Fact about Daniel: My longest ride to date is a 301 mile ride that took me 18 hours of riding and an additional 2 hours of resting time. I don’t race bikes much but I do enjoy racing cyclocross because it’s fun and challenging. 

Year Round Bicycle Commuter and Cincy’s most Famous Cyclist

Charles Marxen – Secretary

Bikes represent freedom and self reliance for me. My bicycle enables me to go vast distances under my own power. A simple, humble bicycle can be rebuilt, reused, repaired almost indefinitely and by anyone (including me!). Save for the small amount of parts to repair various wear components, they can represent a near $0 investment in transportation for decades.

Year Round Bicycle Commuter & Sustainability Advocate

Elizabeth Fisher Smith – Board Member at Large

I get excited about being able to accomplish an errand by bicycle – whether it’s grocery shopping, attending a concert, checking in on petsitting clients, or meeting for coffee with a friend. I want this for all community members!

Red Bike Leaderboard Champion, Savant of Alleys and Stairs, Global Public Transit User

Kathy Cunningham – President

I love climbing hills, and the topography around Cincinnati is such a gift! There’s a joy in the accomplishment every time, and always a great view at the top. I especially love riding to our hilltop vistas, like Bellevue Hill Park in Clifton Heights, Celestial Street in Mt. Adams, and Olden View Park in Price Hill. I also love riding across the Purple People Bridge after dark, and reveling in the spectacular lights and views across the river.

Former Triathlete, Competitive Mountain Biker, Competitive Road Racer – current Commuter Extraordinary and Route Planning Savant

Joe Humpert – Board Member at Large

Cincinnati’s Secret Bike Mayor

Vincent Wilson – Vice President

I’ve got two daughters, and I dream that one day they can leave our front door on their bikes independently, without me needing to fear for their lives. There’s a version of Cincinnati where cycling isn’t only a sport for fast folks on plastic bikes, but also for common sense trips to neighborhood destinations. I want to grant my daughters a chance to live in that city. 

Hamilton County Wandrer.Earth #2,