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Mobility Together

In December 2023, Queen City Bike launched the “Mobility Together” program to empower newly arrived refugees with bikes for transportation—while sharing in bike repair skills and community along the way.

In lives already strained by hardship, access to bikes is liberating and helpful in countless ways, from enabling time-efficient travel to critical destinations like ESL classes and asylum appointments; to transport of groceries and household supplies; to expansion of community joy and growth.

Since the program began, we have distributed 150+ bikes and numerous lights and locks—with more to come! QCB is currently supporting five mechanics in training. As each community’s base of repair skills grows, the bikes of friends and neighbors are more readily kept up and running—bringing with them multiple self-sustaining cycles of co-creation and support.

This program has only been possible because of the generous support of numerous individuals, organizations, and businesses—including MoBo Bicycle Co-op, Reser Bicycle Outfitters, SPUN Bicycles, Montgomery Cyclery, the Metanoia Center, Tri-State Trails, and The Devou Good Foundation. Thank you!!!